Ryan & Bec Engagement Shoot / by Bonnie Maher

It was my complete privilege to photograph Ryan and Bec in celebration of their engagement just over a week ago. 

It was a hot spring day and we headed to the beach along with the rest of Sydney it seemed to capture love. Luckily we were able to find some secret spots along the cliffs to take some snaps. 

I'm so looking forward to capturing their wedding in the coming new year but for now I hope you guys enjoy a selection of photos from our shoot. 

Ryan & Bec Engaged-4.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-6.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-9.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-16.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-18.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-19.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-24.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-21.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-34.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-26.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-35.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-38.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-36.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-41.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-7.jpg