The Woodley Family by Bonnie Maher

A couple of weeks ago I got to shoot for my dear friend Emily and her family. Emily and I became mothers at the same time and landed in the same mothers group together and ever since we've done weekly catch ups together. Many stories have been told over a cafe coffee and now in recent times usually at the park. With our take away coffee(s) in hand and broken chats inevitably interrupted due to a little one about to run in front of a swing or having some sort of tantrum over food/playground squabbles, we do life.

So it was my great pleasure to be able to capture her and her beautiful family a couple of weeks ago. We walked all through Centennial parklands on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and took some photos, it was lovely.

Ryan & Bec Engagement Shoot by Bonnie Maher

It was my complete privilege to photograph Ryan and Bec in celebration of their engagement just over a week ago. 

It was a hot spring day and we headed to the beach along with the rest of Sydney it seemed to capture love. Luckily we were able to find some secret spots along the cliffs to take some snaps. 

I'm so looking forward to capturing their wedding in the coming new year but for now I hope you guys enjoy a selection of photos from our shoot. 

Ryan & Bec Engaged-4.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-6.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-9.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-16.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-18.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-19.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-24.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-21.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-34.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-26.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-35.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-38.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-36.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-41.jpg
Ryan & Bec Engaged-7.jpg

Eat Sense by Bonnie Maher

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing Nicky, the face behind Eat Sense. Not only did we get to shoot in an amazing house on the Central Coast of NSW but I also got to know her a little better and how lovely she is.

Lots of veggies and a beautiful atmosphere made for a great day and some great shots, if I don't say so myself. ;) 

Keep your eye out for this one in the Nutrition world she's going places and I was so chuffed to be able to capture these images for her.


Little Levi by Bonnie Maher

Oh man. Newborn shoots. Cuteness overload and such love. Got to capture this wonderful family the other week. 

Memories of when I first became a Mum came flooding back. The shift in your world changing forever and the emotions that it brings. It made shooting a newborn for the first time so memorable.

Mr & Mrs Ulbrich by Bonnie Maher

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a wedding, witnessing love unite and commit together. 

I love attending weddings. In my opinion it's one of the most significant things you can witness. Outside the significance of new life or seeing a loved one leave this earth it's two people saying we are becoming a family. Two separate walks of life making new traditions. 

For this reason I look forward to weddings. Not to mention it's a free party filled with friends family and yummy food and drinks!

I haven't had a chance to post more about this beautiful wedding as I went on holiday straight after for a couple of weeks but I'm starting to get through editing the photos and thought I would blog a few.

Aaron & Nicola-14.jpg