Thanks for visiting BMP, nice to meet you. Here you can find a selection of my photography portfolio and portals to my social media sites.

There’s lots of people out there who want to take photos for you and it can be hard to choose a photographer. So I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about me to help you along your way in choosing and hopefully I can help you capture your special moments.

I’m very casual. I basically follow you around and take photos of you, occasionally telling to to move in a certain way to loosen you up/get that perfect shot. I love to help you style the shoot too. So if you have any interest in using things like flowers ( I love flowers) or anything else just let me know and we can talk through ideas. Mostly I take my cue’s from nature. I love capturing outside (not exclusively of course) because I think nature is the perfect back drop.

So if you like what you hear so far and would like to know more about booking a shoot with me just head on over to my CONTACT page and send me an email.