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Couple/Family Package



1 Hour location photo shoot (either your choice or I’m happy to suggest locations)

30 photos edited and delivered to you via an online catalogue that you can download in high resolution and share to your social media(s) sites. The online catalogue will be available to download for 1 months from the day of delivery then will expire.

Any further customization of photo shoot may incur an extra fee, for example if you would like the shoot to last longer than the packaged 1 hour or excess travel times.

Please feel free to email me regarding any questions may have or to book a shoot.

I lowered this cot for the last time today. 😭 Lowering it for the first time is almost like a right of passage. Your baby is growing and entering into the next stage its a relief and a sign of baby getting older and you jump for joy. You're progressing and it's amazing.

I've been in the baby making and rearing stage for the last 5 and a bit years and sometimes you just think it will never end. That light at the end of the tunnel is so dim you never think you'll get your independence back again. Do we have another baby and start it all again? Are we really finished making cute babies? What does having another look like? How old will we be when they start school? What does that mean for my working career? You have this internal focus group of all the pros and cons and try and project what your life will look like if you do or don't have another baby. 
For me that focus group has ended with a result in this will be our last. And with that comes this realisation that every stage will be your last and it's a few parts amazing and a few parts so sad. It really is bitter sweet. You realise that you need to savour all these moments because they will never come around again. In the whirlwind of raising babies and children it's all a blur and you sometimes focus on how hard it is and want to rush out of it. But the gift of the last baby is perspective. You lower the cot not with the sense of, yes! We're nearly out of this stage but with a nostalgic happiness and if I'm completely honest a bit of grieving. Because as hard as parenting can be it's one of the most beautiful things to experience. Letting go in any circumstance is hard. Who knew lowering a cot would be so emotionally hard?!?!?!